6 tips to increase traffic through articles

Daily more than 1,6 millions of articles are published just in WordPress sites. Which means the traffic of articles is huge on the Internet these days. With this amount of articles, catching readers for our blog could be a difficult task.

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In order to get more viewers for your articles, it is important to write interesting and unique contents, articles that have not been published before. Do not get frustrated if your blog doesn’t get the traffic you expected, persistence is the key to success. Here you will find some advice to write a potentially popular article.

Be clear about your objective

What would you like to achieve with this piece of content? Is your article going to inspire someone? Is it going to be about a product? Are you sharing a personal experience? Depending on the purpose of the article you will need to adequate the text and tone of it.

Who is it for?

Identify the specific public the article will be written for. If your objective is to catch a target or certain kind of people you must communicate in the same tone the public does. This way they are more likely to understand your message and you will increase your credibility. An advantage is to sound different for each target audience; you should not use the same vocabulary or tone when writing for experts than when you are writing for amateurs.

The image you would like to transmit

When writing your article, you must consider the image you would like to transit to the public. The articles you write should be on the same line, or at least not inconsistent so that you won’t confuse your readers. This could decrease your credibility.

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Find valuable keywords

Instead of writing about a random topic, it is recommended to choose a topic where you can include the keywords that people search for the most on Google or on other search engines. One tip here is to make a good research on the most popular keywords. Thanks to different Google tools you are able to quantify the number of views a keyword has, and then choose the words ranked the highest. Also, take into account the market trends, in terms of writing style for example; if something is becoming a trend do not hesitate to follow it.

Write unique articles

Due to the big amount of content generated on the Internet every day, it is a must to create original contents, with unique titles, including pictures or videos. The information included in your articles must be relevant to your target audience and contribute with new valuable information.

Remember to write naturally

To boost your credibility in the articles, it is important that you sound like a real person and not a robot. If possible, add a personal experience in your article and use a clear and easy to read structure. The objective is to not sound as a commercial but as a person with experience and knowledge about a topic. The grammar and the quality of the text must be excellent. Fortunately, nowadays there are several webpages that can help you with the grammar, they will check your spelling and they will suggest synonyms or more suitable words for the context.

If you follow these simple rules, blogs will be more likely to accept your articles or in case you own one, could generate more traffic to it. If still this task gives you headaches, you can consider hiring an expert SEO agency that will take care of all these tasks.

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