Why you need to choose dedicated servers?

When compared to other resources, dedicated servers are one of the most powerful options in the web hosting segment. Dedicated servers need to be optimized for maximum web traffic support. Dedicated web servers provide the bare metal configuration options along with isolated security and web server stack software customization ability that the most demanding web or mobile applications require. Managed server plans include remote stack security upgrades and other form of support to assist customers. In-fact, a dedicated server is essentially a rented computer that is available to one customer alone.

best dedicated server hosting providers

Remember that a dedicated server needs to be located at a secured data center. Dedicated servers offer optional access to a content delivery network. You need to be able to get to access to strong customer or technical support when you come across any issue.  There are many dedicated servers providers, we recommend as a solid dedicated server hosting provider. This type of hosting is normally the cheapest hosting available from a web hosting company. If once the website grows in a shared environment, it become easier to upgrade it into a more flexible plan with higher capacity.

Some dedicated servers are very expensive but they come with right features and packages, but it also gives professionals the capacity they need to run resource intensive applications or host websites that have to cope with huge traffic. For many dedicated servers are essential for many websites. Why people choose dedicated servers is that they face some problem with VPS servers .The trouble with a VPS is that it is still based on sharing. It is isolated in terms of its virtual existence but it still shares a single physical server with a clutch of other VPS clients. Instances are not entirely isolated even when there are few issues and problems .VPS customers will have only have partial control over the hosting environment but they can still run into problems if a neighbor behaves badly. One web server can be configured with number of VPS plans. Our other articles in the page will help you to choose best dedicated web hosting package.

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The name itself suggests a dedicated server is completely dedicated to one customer.  Remember that the entire box is yours. You can access acres of space along with huge bandwidth limits and no sharing. Dedicated server means that the customer is free to tweak and customize the whole situation including the server operating system.

What are the benefits of using a dedicated server?

  • In this server , there is no one to compete with for page load speed
  • You don’t need to compete with others for uptime
  • It is possible to choose your operating system
  • Install and run whatever applications are required
  • In dedicated hosting , all the disaster protection is already set up
  • Servers in dedicated hosting are protected by physical security at the data center
  • Through dedicated hosting, developers get root access to the server. Therefore they can do what they want on it.

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