Make use of bulk SMS service to skyrocket your affiliate business

Affiliate marketing has changed dramatically over the years. The simplest definition of affiliate marketing is that it is a way of making money online where you as a publisher are helping several businesses or brand by promoting their product, service or offers on the website. Being a publisher people can earn a commission when someone clicks a link on your blog or web-page where they then buy something of a choice. Usually, the commission is based on a percentage of a sale but also be fixed sometime amount per conversion.

These days, Affiliate marketing is an advertising model where companies pay commission to publishers in order to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and items.

Make use of bulk SMS service to skyrocket your affiliate business

Moreover, a growth in improved technology has covered the way of mobile marketing technique. People are owning cell phones all the time with them, it is now possible to shop easily from a smartphone. SMS mobile marketing remains one of the most effective forms for small and big sized marketers.

It’s a small world

SMS services have amazing benefits of its own. Unlike other forms of mobile marketing technique, it doesn’t rely on an internet connection to work. On an average SMS open rate is 97% which is approx three times higher than an average email open rate that is 27%.

This technique doesn’t depend on Smartphone owner. Anyone who owns a basic phone and sends & receives text SMS with an ease from companies and brands. SMS at first peek might sound restricted. After, it will not give any kind of visual media like an email. The word limit of text SMS is 160 characters also.

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Bulk SMS marketing is the technique which is widely used by marketers to grab customers attention. You can run polling campaigns to create a strong long-term relationship between the marketer and consumer. SMS gathers valuable feedback and can improve business services in future like the change customers want to see. Some companies might be using ringtone and animations to engage with users as well as the standard text but busy people always on the go, SMS is much simpler than that.

It’s a cost-effective marketing method

Compared to the pricing of sending email, SMS is the more expensive option you just have to choose the right and leading bulk SMS gateway provider who provides best-in-class solutions and delivery on promotional campaigns. In the long run though, when you consider the higher open rate and read rate SMS wins overall. It definitely offers you more than you expect, in simple terms, SMS marketing has big return-on-investment.

So, why affiliate marketers need to understand before running an SMS campaign for huge success?

  • Grow your opt-in list with potential subscribers. This isn’t optional, it’s a must.
  • Give your subscriber list some TLC. Make them feel you take care and they will stay on your list for long.
  • Be clear & concise while drafting SMS campaigns content. As it is the major strength of text.
  • Don’t make their inboxes full with too many messages. It’s a bad idea because you may lose your subscribers instantly.
  • Know your customer base as every campaign should be as unique as your customers.
  • Mobile marketing campaigns need constant attention. They’re only as successful as your ability to adjust the & scale.
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Many business centric people think that text SMS is the straightforward way, it should be growing with a boosting rate. In the digital age, it is the simplest tool to reach new & existing customers. Unlike social media platforms where feeds usually lost due to so many updates and posts, an texting is guaranteed to reach its destination.

Affiliate marketing companies can begin professional communication with their leads. Affiliate marketers can include the links of their websites and other offers into SMS to get visitors on the website. The more they increase the traffic of website, the more they can earn commission through the clicked URLs.

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