WordPress Security Ninja : Features and Review

WordPress Security Ninja : Features and Review

Nowadays, most websites run the risk of becoming victims of security breaches and data theft. Proper security features are an absolute must for websites running businesses or collecting data from users.

The WordPress Security Ninja plugin is very efficient in securing a website by searching for the security holes in it and providing the fixes to the user. It has more than 50 tests for finding security flaws and all the tests and solutions are well documented in the plugin.

WordPress Security Ninja : Features and Review

It searches in all the WordPress installation attributes and finds irregularities and vital internal information visible to the public in the metadata and provides ways of hiding them so that they cannot be exploited by hackers.

The plugin also has a brute-force test for finding weak passwords and providing tips on making them stronger and secure.

Available in free and Pro (paid) versions, the WordPress Security Ninja plugin has been in the tech industry market for 7 years since 2011 and has active installations in thousands of websites.

The plugin prevents 0-day exploit attacks and attempts of hacking by script kiddies. Database optimization features are also there in the plugin for making the website experience smoother through quicker query executions in the optimized databases.

One of the best features of the plugin is that it does not make any changes to the website files, and instead, provides the steps for doing that and ensures full control in the hands of the website owner.

It checks the core WordPress installation and the plugins and themes for updates and also hardens the security of the website. Along with that, it also checks the SQL and PHP versions.

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The plugin also includes code snippets for the users so that issues can be fixed quickly even by users who are not WordPress experts.

The free version is available on the WordPress plugin directory. The plugin has been tested for glitches on more than 5,000 sites and runs without any problems.

WordPress Security Ninja : Features and Review

The paid PRO version includes some additional features which are essential for website security. The features are:

  • Cloud Firewall – for preventing unauthorized access by hackers.
  • Core Scanner – for finding flaws in the core files.
  • Malware Scanner – to keep away malicious codes.
  • Event Logger – for keeping track of changes.
  • Database Optimizer – for keeping the databases in optimum condition.
  • Auto Fixer – for easier fixes.

The PRO version also has a scheduled scanner for making sure that scans take place automatically at preset times.

The PRO version comes in three subscription variants – one of $29 for single-site use and another of $79 for multi-site use. They provide one year of USA-based premium support and updates. The Agency Lifetime option is priced at $199 and offers lifetime support and updates. More features are also lined up with future updates.

The pricing options are moderate and offer good value for money for the users. Given that security features are a must for websites, it is definitely worth investing money in its security for better performance and peace of mind.

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