How Link Building Game Going To Change In 2018

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A big hats off to those who think that they can rank a competitive niche without building any links, seriously? Those days are long gone and to be honest, building links is a must or else you better satisfy yourself by staying at page 10 in search engines.

seo services

Well, link building has turned out to be an old gem nowadays since we are onto this strategy from quite a while. Indeed it’s the most necessary dose to our website and quality links can drive tons of organic traffic yet it’s a risky business since one bad link can ruin the whole show (You can actually fix the error from webmasters so it’s no big deal).

Anyway, when it comes to link building, what comes into your mind? Guest post, commenting, profile links, web 2.0, pbn and that’s it, right? Well, there is something more to it and that something will change the game in the upcoming future.

Following are some magnificent link building strategies which can turn the game your way:


You may think that this tactic seems pretty old and link building is certainly more important than writing quality content, wrong.

Content is and always be the king and believe me, this strategy still works although building links is obvious.

Now, how exactly does it work? Simple, just create long content and remember, quality is the key. Make sure you have lengthy deep articles with useful information and make it user friendly.

Having fine content leaves a great impact and it really helps you to rank higher, I mean who doesn’t want informative content? So, make sure to write great articles and be ready to grab the higher ups.

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Recovery your dead links

There might be a lot of dead url’s which can be found on some other page and it’s typically a 404 error, sometimes the webmaster misplaced the links and thus, these type of error occurs, in-short your backlink receives a 404 error and such errors can be fixed but, how?


The link juice recovery tool can search all the 404 errors of your site and once found, you should try to recover those links.

The tool is pretty helpful and it can locate even more errors which are found on your site. It’s a pretty fascinating way to get your link back.


Indeed the templates say more than words and posting your site infographics is a pretty unique way to get a backlink Write for us technology


People usually find template attractive and they read the full thing so try to make the whole infographic attractive and load as many information as you can.

  • Create a infographic of your site.
  • Stuff all the information and make sure to add your websites url.
  • Post the infographic to social media platforms and you are ready to move.

Add new content

Now, what do I mean by new content? I mean such a topic which hasn’t been covered by wikipedia yet.

Suppose you have such information which isn’t available in wikipedia yet, sounds awesome, right?

Through this, you can be easily be a part of wikipedia by publishing your post their or keeping forward your concern through a mail.



Quora is the largest question and answering blog and there are millions of people holding their account, you can seriously drive a hell lot of traffic and here’s how you can do it.

  • Create a quora account.
  • Keep answering to the questions in which you are highly experienced and have enough knowledge over the queries you will be posting.
  • Keep updating your account and you will start receiving upvotes and followers.
  • Suppose your post has been viewed by 10,000 people and out of which one thousand visited your site, incredible, isn’t it?
  • You can drive even more traffic if you have a high authority profile.
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Indeed you will get a ‘nofollow’ link but at least you will be driving great amount of traffic which is the main concern right here.

Create your own online tools

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Create some free tools and do a basic seo on it or else run it by investing some amount in adwords.

How it’ll help? People will use your free tools and this way they will be aware of your site, they may visit again and again for the same concern, suppose you created a plagiarism checker tool – the visitors loved it and they will visit again and may even recommend your site.

You can place ad codes or you can even link your official site and this can bring heavy traffic to your webpage.

It’s a great way to welcome new backlinks.

Guest posting

It’s a old trump card, isn’t it? No, guest posting is pretty new to the arena and getting a opportunity to write guest post on high authority site is pretty tough.

Most of the website owners charge to allow guest posting and they even provide backlinks of their website. It can seriously attract a lot of visitors if you have interesting topic under your sleeves.

It is not only profitable for you but it is quite like a deal for the website owners as well which are allowing to do guest post at their site.

Ask for backlinks

back link strategy

Keep a regular check on some high authority s

ites whose niche is relevant to yours. Spy the links of the site and check for broken links.

  • Broken link occurs when the domain gets expired or the website changes its address and gets a new domain.
  • Now, you are aware of a broken link and you can actually get a link of that website as the replacement of that broken link.
  • Send a email regarding it and request them to fix the broken link by adding your site.
  • You will be benefited by a free backlink from a high authority site.
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It is the most easiest and reliable way to get a backlink and you can do the same with lots of high authority sites. You just have to be careful while requesting for it, just be professional and you might get your work done.


Link building is the most crucial phase for any blogger and you have to be careful while playing your game.

These were some of my unique ways to steal a backlink and it has provided me with loads of traffic.

The future of building links looks strong and eventually many new ideas will open up but for now, these were the only few tricks which can change the game of link building.

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