The Life Cycle of Professional Web Development

Professional Web Development

Web development process is classified into various developmental life cycle procedures including traditional software creation step. Basically, this process is all about designing a website making use of various programming and designing tools and technologies.

Professional Web Development

It includes the following processes:


Comprehensive study and analysis of the exact requirements which can be done through emails, questionnaires and other interactive sessions using various means of communication. Analysis must be made on the basis of all aspects including the contemporary web system as well as target audience.

Specifications and documentation:

This phase includes the creation of system functionality document that perceives each and every requirement of the client having all the minute details. It brings in better understanding of the system to be designed and developed. It includes all the future needs as well as each and every costing detail.


The designing process of a web project to be accomplished by a top website development company in Noida includes a very small prototype or working model. It includes activities which are directed towards the overall architecture of the designing system and function flow diagrams other than detailed specifications associated with the system. In this process, there can be various suggestions from the client’s side and those changes are noted down for discussion before moving onto further procedures.


Development phase transubstantiates the detailed designing aspects and specifications into the end product by way of various hard code programming. It includes appropriate integration of source code, content and database files into a single product or module.

Testing and Deployment:

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It includes comprehensive testing of the end product by way of various testing process and procedures like loading test, cross-browser compatibility, testing of resolution and integration. Proper validation of each and every page through W3C consortium is quite an unavoidable step in this process. The finished product is finally deployed and different functions are carried out across the system.

Marketing and Maintenance:

Marketing is a procedure involving preparation of Meta tags, optimization of pages from different factors, submission of the website to all major search engines. Maintenance is one of the most important steps of this entire process. It includes updating of the product to keep it always relevant and fresh. Different bug fixes and other errors are also accomplished in this phase Free Business Directory.

Any top website development company in Noida always follows the same procedure to accomplish a web project. If you are also one of the business owners willing to get a website designed and developed to serve your purpose, then join hands with a company that has both experience and expertise par excellence. Remember, good companies always work just like your business partners with round-the-clock readiness to extent necessary help to you.

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