SEO And Web Design: Do They Relate?

SEO And Web Design

In search engine optimization or SEO, there are lots of things that people consider. The content, metadata, keyword phrasing and target audience are just a few things that people think of when trying to increase the views of a website, blog, or page. However, it is not a very popular idea for people to consider web design in SEO. These days, it is something that should be considered as one of the top priorities.

SEO And Web Design

Creatively designed websites can create a stir when they are promoted on search engines. Despite the plain truth in this, very few people actually focus their attention on the web design. They would much rather put their attention into other aspects of SEO. People should start to realize that the web design greatly affects an SEO campaign, and as such, it is as important as the other aspects are.

Here are a few points that you should consider when creating, changing, or updating your web site:

  1. The size of your website is a big deal. If you’re just starting, it’s good to remember that having a website that has dozens of pages is a big plus for you. This is because search engines find content irresistible and so having lots of pages can help your website get a top page ranking. Although it may be difficult for some to bring about several pages that contain information about the website, adding free resources for media users and visitors is one way to do it.
  2. Good graphics go a long way, but in regulation. These days, it may seem that web sites that have great aesthetic design are what top the ranking in engine optimization. However, these websites are actually the most challenging to optimize. Search engine robots have a hard time reading the text within animations and graphics; they may just see small amounts of text, which is not going to help a web site get high rankings. You may always opt to add good, Flash-generated graphics in your web site, but you should also consider constructing an html-based part available for your audience. This is the part that will help you promote your website on search engines.
  3. Keep your information updated. Having poorly written and outdated information on a web site does not do well for visitors. In addition, you are going to miss out on a lot if you do not update your content and if you don’t include new trends. Most of the time, web sites that consistently update their content get higher rankings in search engines that those who do not. Even if the age or maturity of a web site is considered in search engine algorithm, it does not matter very much on the searches made for latest matters.
  4. Correct use of HTML is crucial. Well-organized and effective web sites usually get high rankings in search engines, and this largely stems from well-written HTML codes. It is good to keep in mind that web sites that have anomalous amounts of hyperlinks, comment tags, as well as bold and italicized text usually get low rankings.
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