Are You A Naturally Born Blogger?

Now, I feel there are many different qualities that a communicator possesses for example the ability to put ideas into text, but in my opinion, bloggers are set apart from this field:

Firstly, Bloggers have determination and goals. It would be extremely easy to think that by looking at high – profile blogs, that money and fame can be made within a short space of time. The reality is very different. What we see now is the result of hard years at work, often without sleeping, socialising and doing activities. These genuine bloggers spend hours upon hours, writing new material for their sites, browsing through the blogosphere for new information and news, commenting on other blogs, responding to questions and maintaining their rhythm. Fortunately for them, the strenuous work has paid off for the bloggers, and rightly so. Anyone who strives for a goal and achieves it through hard work deserves full praise and acknowledgement in my opinion.

Are You A Naturally Born Blogger?

Bloggers are organised. Although they might not say in public, many bloggers follow a specific rhythm or tempo that helps carry them through the working week. It is usual for bloggers to write posts a few days in advance, so that if they have mind blanks or an off day, they have backup posts to rely on, and to maintain the stream of new information. I have seen the opposite of this theory work for some bloggers, but I myself always like to plan posts days in advance, or at least think of what I would write, so that I never run out of things to talk about.

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Bloggers write eloquently whilst enrapturing their audience. This is a must for any successful blogger-to-be. If you do not have sufficient writing skills, or the skill to entice readers into your topic, then finding regular readers will always be tricky. For me, the key to writing gripping posts is the fact that I have genuine passion for entrepreneurship (as I consider myself one!), and feel the need to relay this passion onto you.

Blogger have boundaries. Now this may be the most ambiguous of all the points, but in my mind, it is the most important factor in becoming a class blogger. You don’t see writers of high traffic sites telling everyone everything about their personal lives, their daily habits…

In fact, most people like to keep their work life and business life separate. Again there are people out there who like to merge the two together, and in no way am I against this. It’s just that having your own privacy and personal space is good to shield you from the blogosphere when things get tough or when you hit a bad patch.

In short, I feel that only a few bloggers possess these skills, I myself feel (and maybe you’ll back me up!) that readers can connect with me through my writing.

In the near future, I hope to build on my love for writing and for the business blogging world, and this is something which you will definitely come to see as this Blog entrepreneurs grows! Watch this space!…

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