Ingredients Of A Corporate Logo Design

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Who does not recognize the Nike logo that throws the first stone!

Logos represent a very significant part of corporate identity. They are the fastest identification element that consumers possess and in some cases have the power to leverage the memories that involve the company.

logo designing

The brand design process is meticulous and needs to be well studied to convey the message the company wants. There are some ingredients that are part of this process and that, when in harmony, deliver a satisfactory result. They are: color, font and symbol.


Understanding how meaningful a color can lead to imagine the process that the designer faces to select the best shades for his designs. It is not uncommon to find logos with very close colors when it comes to the same medium: red and yellow for food, green or purple for health, dark blue for insurance companies and so on. This happens, precisely, because of the load of meaning that the colors bring with them, transmitting conscious and unconscious sensations. Mixing many colors into a logo can impart a childish tone, while applying a metallic tint (such as gold, silver or copper) positions and elicits a concept.

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It is also important to remember that the brand being created will be applied to different materials and can be digitally printed and / or exposed on different displays, which can cause great color distortion. The designer needs to know very well the RGB (used for digital media) and CMYK (for print media) to avoid these changes.

Be aware of this fact because often the color that Free classifieds sites designer idealizes for a brand having as parameter the screen of his computer will not be reproduced faithfully in other means. Going back to the metallic tones, for example, imagine how difficult it is to reproduce the golden hue in a uniform! Choosing the right colors for the brand is a challenge that deserves attention.

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Have you heard of the term “typography”? The term comes from the Greek (typos – ‘form’ – and graphein – ‘writing’) and it is the art and the process of creation in the composition of a text, physically or digitally. Play with the lyrics creating what we commonly call as sources.Sources have such an important role to play in building a brand logo that often makes the symbol an unnecessary element. These brands are called typographic and some examples are: Coca-Cola, Dior and Google.

To select the perfect font for your project, the designer has 2 paths, and you can find free or paid options (giving the work a higher exclusivity tone) for downloading in several websites or starting to draw a completely new font that will carry your signature. Here is a reminder that there are professionals who have directed their talents totally to the elaboration of new typographies not being something common to all the designers.

Like the colors, the fonts also have their nuances and give their own messages to the logo. When applied to serif fonts (small “legs” at the foot of the letters), the trend is to maintain a more traditional character to the brand, while when applied without serif, bring an air of modernity. It may not seem like it, but your brain picks up all these messages even subtly.


For many the logo symbol is indispensable, no symbol, and no mark. There is no rule that forces the designer to use the symbology to build a visual identity. No denying, however, that it can be very important.

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The symbol aims to focus on a single image the direct message that matches the concepts presented by the company and even the name chosen. In this case the designer tries to find in the middle of his repertoire that special click, that balcony that will harmoniously unite the message that must be passed with the visual balance.Who can forget the famous case of the Carrefour logo? What was the size of your disappointment when you discovered that the symbol was a C within a diamond with the colors of the French flag and not a happy face?

Final Considerations

The symbology adds to the brand to make it stronger and more identifiable, facilitating consumer understanding (you will agree that finding someone who does not know the Nike symbol is a complex task) and allowing a wide range of applications. Maybe adding the word “Facebook” to a business card is complicated, but if you use the famous “f” inside a square, the message will be passed correctly. Mission Accomplished!

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