7 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress in 2018

SEO Plugins for WordPress

Being a website owner, you must be prepared to boost your traffic and sales in 2018.However, you can’t sit and assume to get the desired results. In this highly-competitive online market, you really need to make your website optimized for search engines. If you have a WordPress website, you have a great chance to improve the SEO of your site and make it more successful in 2018.

SEO Plugins for WordPress

Search Engine Optimization is used to optimize your website rank so that it appears on the top in the organic search results. Organic results refer to a listing of sites in search results not according to paid advertising. To attract more traffic to your website, it needs to be on top, and this is why SEO is crucial. Most people don’t look for sites that come below top 5. Users have more faith in the ones displayed above, and they often get shared on different social media platforms. You can find several SEO plugins which are used to optimize the website. Let’s have a look at some of them:

7 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress:

  1. Yoast

It has always been the best of free WordPress SEO plugins. There are 5 million + active installations and almost 4.7 rating from 15k + reviewers. It takes care of technical optimization. Yoast provides you with breadcrumbs which allow the creation of simple navigation and helps in internal linking.

You can add Title Tag and Meta Tags

It has the multi-site capability which includes copying settings to different blogs. The XML Sitemap is capable of working in all setups.Yoast provides website SEO Analysis which checks content, focused keyword, Meta description.It also has snippet preview which lets you observe the appearance of your page in search results.

  1. II. All in One SEO Plugin Pack
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It is straightforward to use and is the best for beginners. All in One SEO Plugin Pack provides Bad Bot Blocker which protects the site from malicious bots which decrease the speed of the website. It has file editor which edits.htaccess and robots.txt manually.You can import and export settings to enable sharing with other sites.Robots.txt gives you more control over site navigation by search engines. The Plugin also offers Social Media Integration which adds Open Graph for delivering closer integration between your site and social media platforms.You can also have Video Sitemap at the paid version.

III.   Premium WordPress SEO Pack

It has off and on page optimization. It includes Facebook Planner which helps in posting your blog on Facebook.Monitor 404 monitors the URL that refers visitors to 404 pages. write for us education page Speed Insights increases pag e speed of the pages on the desktop or mobile devices.There are SEO Friendly Images that refreshes images along with Title Attributes.The Backlink Builder helps in building links to your website.There are also On-Page SEO, Pattern SEO, W3C Validator and Social Optimization.

  1. IV. SEOPressor

It has Automatic Smart Internet Linking that adds internal links to attract more visitors.Dynamic Crawler Control has control over spiders traveling through the site.XML Sitemap generator makes the site more SEO friendly.There is Keyword SEO Score Checker, LSI keywords, Readability Score and Over Optimization Check which lets you know if a word is overused.

  1. SEO by Squirrel

It gives you green signal on correct implementation.There are Keyword Headline Suggestions, Content Strategy Tracking, No Automatic Overwrite, Social SEO AI and Weekly Monitoring. It is very user-friendly and has slideshow tutorials for better understanding.

  1. Broken Link Checker
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Broken Link Checker provides Automatic Monitoring that supports links to pages, posts, and comments.You can directly edit website links from the page.Broken links are notified via Dashboard and emails.Search, and Filter allows the user to filter and find the links.

VII.    Akismet

It is free, easy to handle and open source. Akismethelps in cleaning of spam comments and also protects your site from malicious content.You can also check history and source of the comments.You can view the profiles of visitors to your website or the ones who are connected to it.You can also use the paid version for commercial purposes.

We have listed the seven most popular and best SEO plugin for your WordPress website in 2018. You can install them, and your digital marketing strategy will be on point this year. Your website will be of the great design, and it will rank at the top of the list.

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Gaurav Mali works as a content marketing & PR manager at Baymediasoft – WordPress Development Company. Passionate about the technical writing; He has been involved in the cutting-edge landscape of web and mobile app development for more than three years.

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