How to utilize colours as your digital marketing strategy

digital marketing strategy

Colours surround us. They are the major element for defining any object, place, person or feelings. Every colour speaks its own language and has its own moods. They are the basic source of the very first impression any object or view will implement. When you look at anything one of the initial aspects you will notice is the colour and immediately after the first look you will not only be influenced but will get the exact ideology behind that object. The colours used will provide the precise definition of the object and will play with your thought process to give you the exact impact the designer wants. Colours carry a complete psychology and that psychology has been utilized in every walk of life to create the impression the specific product or business wants its clients to perceive.

digital marketing strategy

This is the era of digitalization and every business makes it certain to have an online presence through various channels. One of them is to develop a detailed digital marketing strategy. It is extremely important to mark your presence in the digital world and the best to do is to have elaborated digital marketing presence.

Colours like in any other, field mark their presence here as well because it immensely important to leave an everlasting impact on your users when they visit your site or come across your product on any kind of digital forum.

Every successful and highly professional digital marketing agency will know the importance of tints and shades and will discern them to use according to their psychology.

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What is colour psychology?

According to psychologist each and every colour has its mood and effects that playfully tackle a person’s moods and emotions. Every colour will leave its separate and distinguished impact on the viewer or the user. For instance red is a superior colour and it leaves the impact of power or even danger anything from you can be intimidated, yellow is the colour of friendship cheerfulness and is commonly used to make something look specialized. Blue is affiliated with trust and loyalty and it is among the most famous colours. Green is the most natural and soothing shade which will depict nature and purity and so on.

The basic idea is that each and every colour will best real estate marketplace leave a certain association and will define the ideology and the main thought process. It will manipulate the moods and emotions hence will alter the thinking.

Colours can be the most persuasive element in marketing

Whenever you are planning your digital marketing strategy, keep in mind the first impression you want to give your clients that will create the everlasting impression of your product. Choosing the colour for your brand, product or logo should be well thought out process and should be according to the philosophy behind your business.

As soon as the client of your product or a visitor to your website or an app user will have the first look, he will promptly have an emotional impact that will only be created by using the right color combination and with the effective usage of tints and shades. The hues used will persuade your clients to trust you and get connected to your brand.

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The major part of a brand recognition is colour

Before getting your brand developed, you should develop the main viewpoint behind it. Afterwards take ample time to decide a colour that will complement that philosophy as its colour will represent the thought process that either your brand represents superiority, social connections friendliness, peace or harmony.

According to the researches any customer or visitor to your site will perceive your brand identity in less than 90 seconds and colour will play a major part as 90% will rely on it.

Focus on colour harmony

It is obvious that more than one colour will be used in any design, so it is of ample importance that all the colours used are in harmony with each other. It is significant to arrange the combination in such a way that it not only leaves an everlasting picture of your brand on the customer’s minds but prove to be a complete depiction of your story. Play with the colours in such a way that it glues your customer to the brand instead of shoving them away.

As discussed earlier the colour should not only complement your idea but they should complement each other. Create a design that defines your brand.

Digital world is the most colourful world

We are being bombarded with ads, websites, new brands, products and what not as soon we connect to the internet through our smart phones or computers and we all will agree that it is full of colors and when it is, it can be quite intimidating. Digitalization has adapted colour philosophy extremely well and it has all the abilities, resources and reasons to do the mentioned. Whenever you are online all you can see is a flow of colours portraying different ideas, stories and notions which every business is trying to convey to its customers. All types of banners, ads, logos etc are a perfect blend of colours.

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The world comprises of colours and like every other natural element they have their own moods and psychology. Colours have the ability to play with people’s emotions and to use them smartly while planning your digital marketing strategy is extremely important. No matter how well you design a logo or a complete campaign if the colour combination used is not relevant to your ideology it will ruin everything. The first thing any visitor to a site or a customer will notice about the brand is its colour and it is proven that they leave an everlasting impression. The customer will immediately connect and will comprehend the message you are trying to give by the colour scheme used.

So, think not only carefully but colourfully too to make your brand stand apart.

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Nancy Lamas is a renowned website designer and graphic artist, born in Victoria, British Columbia, shifted to New York in 2014 to study colour psychology and designing. She has developed many websites and is an active speaker in different conferences throughout the year on this topic.

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