Top 12 Reasons to Select MilesWeb Managed DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting

MilesWeb Managed DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting

Over last few years, cloud-based applications and storage have become even more popular. The reason is that it is a more cost-effective solution because it saves the physical space on your computer as well as employees can remotely access the projects, they are working on. Additionally, they can even work from home or from any other place. You will find several cheapest cloud hosting companies operating today and some of the big names are Google and Amazon, but the one that offers you everything is DigitalOcean.

Their incredible company ethics, budget-friendly pricing and other best features are some of the reasons that will enforce you to select DigitalOcean. Let’s dive into more details about them.

What is DigitalOcean?

A cloud-based infrastructure provider, DigitalOcean offers developers reliable and user-friendly virtual servers and object storage (amongst others). Founded in 2011, back when cloud infrastructure services were becoming popular, they have thrived since then due to their easy to use products that make life for developers and similar business owners that much easier.

May your business be large or small, it doesn’t matter at all. The company states, it doesn’t matter if you are running one virtual machine or ten thousand  the products work seamlessly across every sector and the platform is easy to use for any of your employees. Your team can get to work on the cloud applications that are most important, directly without its interference, and in a faster and highly efficient manner.

So, after learning about DigitalOcean managed hosting, you might be thinking of buying one. But, what about the management of it? Would you be able to manage the account on your own? Don’t worry there the some web hosting providers such as MilesWeb that manage the DigitalOcean cloud for you.

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Top 12 Reasons to Select MilesWeb’s Managed DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting

  1. Free Migration

MilesWeb has a team of experts that help to migrate multiple websites effortlessly with maintaining the uptime. They ensure that your website runs flawlessly on their DigitalOcean server. All the significant files and databases are moved from your old cloud provider to your new managed DigitalOcean cloud server by them.

  1. Install Apps in One-Click

You can customize your cloud server by installing the applications. MilesWeb offers Docker, MySQL, Node.js, LAMP, LEMP and MongoDB applications.

  1. Complete Management

You don’t have to worry about your server management and maintenance. Their team proactively takes the charge of your cloud server and secures it. This saves your time as well as efforts needed to manage the server by yourself. This time can be used to plan strategies for running and boosting your business.

  1. Expert Advice

In case of any doubt don’t get panic. MilesWeb’s cloud experts are available to help you. They will help you in plan selection depending on your website requirements.

  1. Optimizing

When with MilesWeb, leave the tension of performance. They optimize and enhance your cloud server so that your website performs in a better way.

  1. System Monitoring

Your DigitalOcean server resources are taken care of by their team. They monitor the resources such as CPU and bandwidth regularly on your DigitalOcean server. This ensures that your website doesn’t go down in case of high traffic spikes. Therefore, your website traffic is closely tracked by their team.

  1. Server Maintenance

Their team is highly experienced in server maintenance. Their engineers manage all the daily operations and maintenance of your server. Additionally, they track if the server is running smoothly without any hassle and no technical errors occur.

  1. Data Protection
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Your files on the server are constantly monitored to keep your website safe from web attackers. Website data backup is taken on daily basis to avoid any data loss during accidental errors on the server. You can restore this data whenever required.

  1. Regular Updates

There is no need to manually install the updates. The updates are installed on time to keep your server’s software updated. There is no need to worry about downloading and installing these updates manually as it is done automatically.

  1. Security

Your server is constantly monitored for any vulnerability to keep your website away from any spyware, malware or any spam traffic. With this you can secure your website from any viruses.

  1. Server Location Choice

You want to target audience from a specific region. MilesWeb allows you to select server locations from India, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and Canada.

  1. Operating System Choice

You can select your favorite OS from Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, Debian and CoreOS.


You have learned about DigitalOcean cloud and how MilesWeb makes your DigitalOcean cloud management easy. With MilesWeb’s managed DigitalOcean cloud you save your cost and time, get improved security and increase your productivity and this is what a business requires to grow.

So, don’t think too much and signup for MilesWeb’s managed DigitalOcean cloud hosting service.

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