Detailed Guide: Custom page in WordPress for WPBeginner


Do you have to make a custom page in WordPress? Then you may find that number of WordPress sites have different types of layouts for different types of pages. A custom page will allow you to have distinct kinds of layouts in the look from regular pages in WordPress. The WordPress page templates will display the dynamic content on a page of the site, like news updates, posts, calendar events, files, media, etc. Therefore, you may choose that you need the homepage to seek a particular way, which is quite dissimilar to the other parts of the website. Alternatively, you may need to display the featured image, which connects to a post on one part of the page, have a rundown of most recent posts somewhere else, and utilize a custom route. You can utilize page layouts to accomplish these things.

Custom page in WordPress for WPBeginner

So here I would like to show you, especially for the beginners how to make a custom page in WordPress.

What is a Custom Page in WordPress?

By default, the WordPress will allow you to make the pages and posts. The WordPress theme will control the look of the pages by using the template file called as page.php. This template file will affect Guest posting sites all kinds of single pages, which you may create in WordPress. However, not all of the pages are similar. Small changes in the appearance and layout can create them singly and a number of users.

Making a custom page template in the WordPress needs a basic knowledge of CSS, HTML, and PHP.

Having these said that, gives hop access to making the principal custom page in WordPress.

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Making a Custom page in WordPress

Making a Custom page in WordPress

First, you have to open a plain text editor like notepad on the computer. In the blank file, add the following line of code at the top:

<?php/* Template Name: CustomPageT1 */?>

This code will essentially tell WordPress, in which this is a formatted document and it must be recognized as CustomPageT1.You can name the layout anything you require as long as it makes sense to you.

Once you have added in the code, save the file to the desktop like as, custompaget1.php. You can save the file with any of the names, just ensure that it will end up with a .php extension. For this following step, you will have to connect to the WordPress website using an FTP client. After connected, you can go to the child theme or current theme folder. Then you will identify it in /wp-content/themes/directory. After that, you can upload the file of custom page template to the theme for your WordPress page.

Now you have to log in to the admin area of the WordPress for creating either a new page else you can edit the active one. Then move to the option page-editing screen, you can scroll down to the Page Attributes section and then you will identify a template the list. So then, you can click on to it and which will permit you to select the template that you just made.

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