SSL Certificate and its benefits

SSL Certificate and its benefits

SSL Certificate and its advantage

What is SSL certificate?

If you are a blogger or a website developer or the one with some knowledge on websites, then you might have come across SSL certificates. All the websites which transmit personal information must be secured with SSL certificate.

SSL Certificate and its benefits

SSL can be abbreviated as secure socket layers. By using secure protocol HTTPS, this certificate helps to establish secure connection between client and server. You need to purchase SSL certificate for protecting personal details of the visitor and payment information related to credit card or internet banking etc.SSL certificate commutes across the world’s computer network.

Any information that you pass from computer to computer is transmitted via network, if there is any intermediate device between the two systems, then the chances of stealing important data are very high.

Understanding the features of SSL certificate

SSL Certificate and its benefits

No one can access your data when it is protected with secure socket layer certificate; the information becomes unreadable to the other systems when you use this certificate. SSL certificate allows your website as well as visitors to be away from threats caused by identity thieves and hackers.

SSL provides standard authentication that means you can be sure that you will be sending information only to the destination system but not to others who are trying to illegally gather your information

There are many SSL certificate providers in this world, choosing the trusted and right provider is very important. SSL testing tools that are available over the internet can be used to check whether you are purchasing standard one or not.

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If you are running any online store or a website where there is an option for customers to make online payments, then your website must pass some audits to show that you are meeting payment card industry standards. You will clear this audit very easily if there is SSL certificate on your website.

Design of SSL certificate

Coming to the design and appearance of SL certificate, it is digitally signed file that is issued for a particular domain name. Apart from the domain name, it also features serial number, issuer signature, expiry date and few other details.

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Website owners of developers need to install this file on their servers to protect the information of users and to enable secure connection. Considering the level of security, SSL certificate is beneficial to both customers and website owners. It will be very useful to kick out the hackers from stealing the important information especially personal and financial account details. SSL has the caliber to see what we (human beings) are unable to see and ensures that harmful sites or hackers will never use your data. It will also safeguard your website from sniffing attacks, phishing and other unethical cyber attacks. As we said earlier, there are different types of SSL certificates and the verification depth depends upon validation type of the particular SSL certificate.

Types of SSL certificates

Domain Validation is of the least one among different types of SSL certificates, it just verifies the control rights for a particular domain and it has nothing to prevent our information from being stolen.

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Organization validation is the other type of SSL certificate which mainly contains company name along with its address. The person who applies for this type if certificate must prove the identity of organization and mobile number must be verified. You may also need to submit additional paper documents to prove your company’s identity.

EV or extended validation has highest value among all three certificates, it has green bard on the top with company name. Any legal employee (CEO or VP or any other staff under same rank) can apply for EV. A website or company which is in operation since more than 3 years   are eligible for extended validation.

One of the important reasons why you need to have SSL certificate on your website is it improves your google ranking. This algorithm was implemented on 08/06/2014.

Advantages of SSL certificates

Till now you have seen about SSL certificates, its importance and type of certificates along with their value. Now let us look t pros i.e. benefits of these certificates. Look how SSL certificate can be advantageous to you website

  • You website will remain protected as long as there is SSL certificate.
  • Fake sites cannot acquire SSL certificate, so you must be very careful while browsing sites without this certificate.

Boost your site value and ranking with SSL certificate

If you are running a website, you must not leave any chance that increases the Google ranking of your page. HTTPS was added as ranking signal by Google in the recent algorithm changes. If your website is secured with SSL and starts with a secure HTPPS protocol, then the chances of getting good rank in Google are very high. Trust among the users increases when your website is safeguarded with SSL certificate, they will browse all the content in your website without worrying about any other things. It is very important to properly use SSL on your website, contact us today if you want to buy standard one for your site from trusted provider.

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Protect payments to enjoy safe shopping

It is mandatory to have SSL certificate on your website if you want to want to accept online payments from customers. SSL improves the views of customers on your site or brand if the certificate is of higher value. Customer will never dare to send information of credit card or debit card on simple HTPPS encrypted website. Websites cannot have successful debit credit card transactions without SSL certificate.

All the data that is transferred over SSL remains safe, there will be no room for hackers to sniff transmitting information. In other words, we can say that having this certificate on your website increases customers trust. It creates a positive buying experience if you are running an e commerce site or any other sales related portal.

When customers visit websites without this certificate, then they prefer to exit that portal without entering any information. It is also very difficult and risky process for fake website to obtain SSL certificate.

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