6 reasons why website security is important

6 reasons why website security is important

There has been continuous growth in the businesses due to the influence of the internet. Many tasks which were very tedious have now become simplified, swift and easy due to the internet. Every business entity is now investing in creating their online presence and maintaining a website that gives them an identity.

6 reasons why website security is important

A website has become an integral part of a business entity or an artist or anybody who is seeking to create connections or businesses online. When you are building a website, a question that will be tossed at you by the developer will definitely be about what protection layers for attack control and mitigation techniques for DDoS protection, against phishing attack, and other measures are to be taken.

While you might take it lightly but it is a very important question that needs to be taken into consideration because a website is representation of what you do and what you are, you cannot afford to have an attack on your website.

Here are the top 6 reasons that will compel you to pay special attention to the security of your website:

  1. You cannot afford to lose business:
    When you have a business that is driven by your website, you cannot afford to lose legit traffic. Attacks like DDoS are a dread to websites that do their business online. DDoS attacks cause a great loss of business by turning the legit traffic away from the website by causing a distributed denial of service.  This causes a great dent on the website.
    It is very important to have a DDoS protection integrated in your website to avoid missing out on genuine traffic to your website.
  2. You cannot let cyber-attacks ruin your brand image:
    Once attacked, a website gets a tint of being a website that was attacked. It causes a very bad image among your customers and the stigma can stay for a life time. It takes a lot to build a brand online and gain the respect and trust of your clients. It might take a lifetime to regain the trust once lost.
    A website with SSL certificates and a record of being secure and performing secure transactions has more chances of attracting more customers than otherwise.
  3. Recovery is difficult than protection:
    When an attack is made to your website, there’s a void in terms of traffic to the website that is created. This vacuum that is created can be very dangerous. The flow of traffic to the website might take days to recover or even may never be regained. You might have to invest again in gaining that kind of traffic to your website.
    An attack that causes loss of data or data leak, is the worst kind of attack you could ever wish to happen. Data if not backed up, can cause a permanent diminution to your business. Data loss is very difficult to recover from.
    The information that you gathered over the years might have been vital to your marketing strategies could be lost with just one attack. Recovering from a data breach or data leakage could be near to an impossible task.
  4. Affects in Search engine rankings:
    Ranking in search engines is a task that takes a lot of investment and efforts. Search engine algorithms take into account the security of the website while ranking them. A website infected by a malicious attack, loses those points and hence the rankings are often reduced affecting the search engine rankings.
    With the growing competition, you cannot let your rankings to go down form where they are right now. Thus a website attack cannot be afforded. Hence website protection from all kinds of attacks is essential.
  5. A Hacked website affects your customers:
    When your website is protected, you can vouch on it and dauntingly store crucial information about your business and about your clients. An attack made to your website may be with an aim of extracting critical information from your website and misusing it. Or it may be aimed at using the information of your clients like the bank account details or other personal information. The attack can be a bully to your customer’s information causing a great great loss.
  6. Don’t lose out on important information to your competitors:
    There can be attacks which have been planted by your competitors with an aim to extract information from your website and use it against you to either influence clients or give more competitive price or a value addition to your customers. The attack could also be the one attempted to leak out internal information that could be very important to your enterprise.
    To maintain an edge over your competition and keep your internal information intact and secure, you need to have a robust security protection.
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A cyber attack can take down the whole site and hamper the complete business that is reliant on the online presence. The website needs to be secure and update at all times of the day. The protection is important when you think from all the aspects.
You can go for a firewall or other paid website security plans. You can either hire an agency to provide a 24*7 website security or a website firewall. You can have special security for your back-end and a special security to monitor traffic and a separate security mechanism for transactions. You can tighten the security at various levels depending on the vulnerabilities in the industry that you operate in.

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