How can I use a BMI calculator

How can I use a BMI calculator

What is the BMI Index?

BMI stands for body mass index, a medical terminology that helps analyze the body’s weight situation. Individuals must determine their BMI to get to know about their bodily health. Not all individualis enjoying their health to the optimum. They need specific modifications and should adopt healthy means to stay fit and healthy. Improved health and excellent prevention can ensure good health for them. People of the same ages depict a different type of weight and height, and hence their BMI value differs from the other. Yeah, indeed, when the BMI of the students of a class is determined,it can easily figure out that they have different BMI values. Some of these would be perfectly alright, while others would be either relatively lean or obese. BMI index is a set criterionthat depicts the values as per specific readings. The ultimate goal is to aware of the individual about where he stands. 

Relation of Weight and Height:

The main parameters that are required for the calculation of BMI are weight and height. BMI calculator demands these two parameters for all the individuals. The people ofthe same height won’t always be having the same weight. It may vary from person to person. Likewise, a person with 55kg of weight won’t always have 5’5 height. It is necessary to comprehend the relationship between both of these. Although the height and weight vary from person to person, the individual’s weight must be according to his height. If it is not recommended, then there is no doubt there is a need for improvement. The weight and height of the person grow over time. Height and weight from the same age can vary. It is because their height would vary, and so the weight would be. Both are in direct relation to each other and must be changedconcerning each other.

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Categories of BMI:

There exist four BMI categories that are highly popular. With the BMI calculator’s help, you can calculate your BMI concerning your height and weight and figure out where you stand. These categories are:

  • Underweight
  • Overweight
  • Obese 
  • Normal

There are specific ranges that depict in which category the person falls. Closeness to the limit values of the range of category indicates that the person is borderline. Hence, with a lit bit f significant effort, he can stand in the normal range as per his age, weight, and height. If the person falls in any category besides the normal one, then it is an alarming situation. It would indicate that the person is at risk of having poor health conditions. Hence, there exist the role of a balanced diet, exercise, morning walk, and other healthy living styles. 

Determination of health risk that a person is facing or is prone to face is more comfortable when the BMI is known to them. If the person’s BMI value is beyond the healthy range category, you must visit the doctor to seek medical advice.

What is a BMI Calculator:

The BMI calculator is an online approach that calculates individuals’ BMI quite quickly and accurately. BMI calculator aims to perfectly address the most common issue of how to calculate BMI. It works automatically when the person enters the required values into it. Gauging individuals’ health is more comfortable with the use of the BMI calculator, which is a free tool. No doubt, prevention is the most potent approach which can save one from several issues. The necessary and fabulous way to diagnose obesity or overweight is body mass index. The determination for the development of specific health issues is much more with inappropriate body mass index. These include:

  • Urinary stress incontinence
  • Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD)
  • Female infertility
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sleep apnea
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • High cholesterol level
  • Cardiac disease
  • Hypertension
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The medical community uses BMI calculator women and BMI calculator men to determine their health status quickly. It would nor wrong to regard it as the risk indication tool for individuals.

How to Calculate BMI?

Calculation of BMI is not rocket science, and hence all the individuals can calculate it for themselves and their loved ones. The link between disease and BMI is quite strong. BMI calculation should be considered periodically to stay aware of the health condition. BMI calculator female is an excellent approach for the females to enter their height and weight values to get results.Even manual calculation is much feasible because the formula contains two parameters only, height and weight, that are already known to individuals. 

The calculation of BMI occurs through the division of weight and height of the individual. Weight can be taken in kg or square meter. At the same time, height can be taken in either meters or kilograms.

Hence, you can enter the value for height and weight in any of these units to gain your outcome. The formula used for calculation of BMI is given as below:

Body Mass Index (BMI) = m / h2

Here, m refers to the mass of the body, while h refers to height. 

Interpretation of BMI Values:

20 to 25 is the most suitable range to fall in as they depict good health states. The values under or below of these are linked with a higher risk of mortality. The body mass index for obese people is above 30, while for the underweight, the body mass index is below 18. The body mass index result gives a value that includes tissue mass, including bone, fat, and muscle. However, in the case of lean body mass, the mass for body fat is omitted. 

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The standard BMI that medical personnel use for the community does not implement on the athletes. Their muscle mass is much more than the community, and hence they are not subjected to fulfill this protocol. BMI calculator males help the males to determine their health values quite keenly and focus much on their flaws and negligence regarding health. BMI calculator provides the values as per the user’s body and height and mentions their BMI category as per their results. 


Obesity is a serious issue that must be addressed on a priority basis as it leads to comorbidities. A healthy body can refrain from a variety of diseases. Staying fit and healthy is the right of all individuals, and hence they must consider consuming organic meals. Unhealthy meals, processed meals, improper sleep patterns, and sluggish lifestyle contribute to making human beings obese. The fat accumulates in their bodies at different portions and declines their performance as well. The best solution is to analyze the daily routine and then to start working on it. 

Similarly, people with the underweight category of BMI reflect nutritional deficiencies. These deficiencies can be either due to their lifestyle or any existing morbidity in them. Underweight people should consider taking their health seriously and should follow appropriate patterns for sleep and food. They must figure out the lacking in their routine and try their best to have their BMI as per their body needs and requirements. A doctor can provide you with the best solutions or refer you to other healthcare professionals as required, for instance, to a skilled and experienced nutritionist. BMI Calculator lets you determine your body mass index and monitors it throughout the diet plan and treatment protocol. 

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