Seven Ways to Monetize Your Blog

At some point in your blogging career, you may decide to make the leap from a free reader service to a revenue generating venture. Using the following seven methods, you will be able to start making money online quickly and continually for the life of your blog.

Seven Ways to Monetize Your Blog

  • Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)

This is probably the easiest way to increase your initial income from blogging. Showing Pay Per Click ads (PPC) means that you have signed up for any one of a number of different programs available. By adding a small piece of code to your website, small text or image ads will be displayed. Each time a visitor clicks on one of these ads, you make money.

  • PayPal Donate Buttons

Whether it be a Buy me a [Fill in your choice of beverage or item] here or just a button on your site that says Donate Here these can be useful little tools as traffic grows. People who read blogs and enjoy the stories or information that are posted get a sense of belonging to the writer. Some blogs make upwards of $200 per month from public donations.

  • Review for Fee

A recent phenomenon in blogging is in paid reviews of other people’s websites or blogs. Once your readership gets large enough you will be able to command hundreds of dollars to read, analyze and review other websites. Search around the web for review re-sellers or even set up an advertisement link through your own site and use PayPal.

  • Sell Your Own Banner Ads

One of the oldest forms of advertising on the web can still net you some money each month. You can privately sell advertising on your website to any company looking to attract viewers. Try pricing it out weekly, monthly or quarterly to see what works for your site. The price you can obtain will depend on your site traffic.

  • Affiliate Programs
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Another traditional method of business is still working on the web. An affiliate program is based on a commission for referral payment method. A company will show their product or link on your site and when a person clicks through and buys, you receive a commission. Affiliate programs are offered by hundreds of companies including some very large international retailers. Simply find the product you want to sell and look for a link that says Become an Affiliate.

  • Text Link Ads

This form of advertising pays you to show links on your site. Depending on your daily traffic volume, you will be paid to show links from other websites. This differs from the PPC advertisement because you are paid a fixed amount for a defined period, rather than per click. This advertising is very similar than banner advertising; however, it is less intrusive.

  • Write and Sell Your Own eBook

Writing an eBook on your chosen topic is a great way to make money from your site. First, you will receive the money from the sale of the book. Second, you will have links within the book that redirect people back to your site, and third, if the quality is good you will gain popularity and respect in the market. Try using your historical posts as a basis for your eBook or research the best practices on the market and create something new.

  • Final Thoughts

The money you make from a blog will come from increasing your readership and increasing the number of first-time visitors to your site. First time visitors will generally be the ones that will read your information, subscribe to your RSS feed and potentially click through your PPC ads. Regular visitors are the ones who will help you sell banner ads, affiliate products, text link ads and purchase your eBooks.

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One other thing to remember when monetizing your blog is to keep a focus on the content – not the ads. If your blog has more advertising than content, your readers will receive very little value from the site and will not return.

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