[Cloud-Based] Quality Management Software: A Crucial Business Requirement

Quality Management Software

“Quality is your responsibility, my responsibility, instead its everybody’s responsibility”

With evolving technology, the business needs have become demanding where everyone in the line wishes to apply powerful and robust software and tools to efficiently manage their business workflows.

Do you think a small scale or even a large scale business, having its presence today, can proceed only with manual efforts without seeking help from machines?

Quality Management Software

Of course not!

Automation was the need of the past and is possible now, making the heavy tasks and crucial activities to go easy and run smoothly producing quality products with the help of Quality Management System Software.

When the talk is about ‘Quality’, an enterprise firstly searches about the techniques available in the marketplace fulfilling their requirements, thus complying well with the set quality standards.

Out of the deep pool of management software and programs, here are some already in use effective tools delivering the best user experience and earning their customers vote of trust.

5 Best Quality Management Tools Serving all Business Requirements

  1. LRQA Quality Management

Supported desktop platforms: Web Apps, Windows, Macintosh

Supported Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android

Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance(LRQA) software is built with a motive to derive a great customer experience by providing a clear structure and a systematic approach, enabling you to meet the organizational goals and customer’s expectation.

LRQA is robust enough to provide business assurance, a unique examining method, that helps you manage your operations, keeping a close eye on the risks involved.

Business Assurance from LRQA stands on three pillars:

  • Risk-based methodology
  • Themed surveillance
  • Continual improvement
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Who can best utilize LRQA?

  • Startups
  • Agencies
  • SMEs
  • Enterprise
  • personal

The software is designed to cover those aspects of business those really matters the most with tailored techniques of managing business risks.

  1. MyEasyISO- ISO 9001 QMS Software

Supported desktop platforms: Web Apps, Windows, Macintosh

Supported Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android

MyEasyISO is an automated solution conforming to ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 and OHSAS 18001 standards designed especially to compete others offering practical and user-friendly experiences.

The cloud-based software effectively aligns your business with ISO compliance with the least probability of resource and time wastage, thereby eliminating rework efforts.

This product of Effivity Technologies delivers practical knowledge, best practices, and problem-solving solutions to the ceased business functionalities via sectorial expertise.

Although the software is recommended to be used by all industry types, however, one can witness its real contributions in the sphere of IT and automobile.

Some of the MyEasyISO value-adding features are:

  • Highly adaptive
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Automatic change control segments
  • Risk management
  • Process measurement and monitoring
  • Calibration control
  • And much more…

You can experience and experiment the left out software traits by installing and implementing it within your business’s workflow procedures where it can be bought at an affordable cost as per the company needs.

  1. Calabrio One

Supported desktop platforms: Web Apps, Windows, Macintosh

Supported Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android

Calabrio has transformed call recording with its exceptional approach of handling, maintaining and capturing calls. The software provides robust quality management in order to attain better user experiences.

With the automated recording and reporting features, Calabrio One ensures that you save time and invest it in other business operations to be dealt with.

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Some of its key performing features are:

  • Consistency among channels
  • Compliance management
  • Instant evaluated results delivered
  • Robust data analysis
  • Automatic monitoring of system issues

The software stands erect with a flagged moto of ‘Extensive solutions to meet Business goals’.

  1. Qualityze EQMS Suite

Supported desktop platforms: Web Apps, Windows, Macintosh

Supported Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android

The software suite is best known for its high-grade quality, compliance handling and process management where its EQMS is built on the Salesforce cloud platform.

Qualityze EQMS implements industry best practices being easily configurable and highly scalable. The solutions provided by the tool allows businesses and companies to solve issues related to quality and compliance.

Key features involved are:

  • Incident management
  • Audit management
  • Nonconformance tracking
  • Supplier quality control
  • Document management
  • Defect tracking
  • Etc…

Qualityze EQMS help a business develop and maintain good quality policies, procedures, and programs to optimize its quality operations and internal activities.

  1. ComplianceQuest

Supported desktop platforms: Web Apps, Windows, Macintosh

Supported Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android

To meet compliance-related issues, one can look upon ComplianceQuest (CQ) which is an enterprise quality management system (EQMS) which helps vendors and manufacturers meet their quality goals.

The major principles on which the software works are:

  • Ensure compliance with industry standards

(such as ISO 9000, ISO 13485, ISO 14000, AS 9100, TS 16949, etc)

  • Make a business Validation ready

(Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ))

All industry types can reap its benefits of ComplianceQuest that effectively addresses compliance problems, regulatory requirements, and continuous improvement needs.

Final Considerations

Believe it or not, Cloud is the Trend, Cloud is an hourly Need. The technology is booming exponentially marking its presence industry-wide.

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There is a need to involve cloud-based QMS within your company as your rivals in line are already implementing such tools as per their organizational needs making the most out of it.

Cloud-Computing is reshaping businesses of all types scaling business processes and enhancing its overall productivity.

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